How to Make Your Appliances Last Longer

Household appliances are one of the most expensive things you will purchase in your lifetime. In order to keep your appliances for a longer period of time you will need to do some preventative maintenance to ensure your get the most out of your investment. In this article I will cover some tips on how to make your appliances last longer.

Let’s go over some maintenance tips for your clothes dryer samsung appliance repair pasadena. You should be emptying your dryer’s lint filter after each load to prevent a fire. At least once a year you should clean out your dryer venting to ensure proper air flow, if there is a blockage you can clean it out using a vacuum. While you are doing this it might be a good idea to also vacuum out the lint filter holder because sometimes lint and other debris can fall inside and become a hazard.

With a clothes washer you should remember to never overload it! This can cause serious damage that might not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. You should also make sure that your washer’s leveling legs are leveled out. If it is off-kilter it could cause unnecessary wear and tear to your machine. You should check the hoses every six months to make sure they aren’t worn out. Replace them if they are; otherwise they could rupture and cause a leak.

Here’s another tip on how to make your appliances last longer: you should clean your refrigerator’s condenser coils at least every six months. If you have a pet you should clean the coils with a coil brush every three months. If the lint and dust builds up too much it can cause your fridge to work harder to stay cold, and also increase your electricity bill! Checking the fridge seals is also important; you should check to make sure they aren’t cracked or worn. If they are dirty you should clean them with a mild detergent or warm soapy water.

If you have a range with coil-style burners you should keep the drip pans clean, and also, you should not wrap them in tin foil because that could cause a short circuit. Clean up spills in the oven right away, especially if it has dripped on the bake element. If you have a glass top, remember to keep the surface clean, and wipe up any debris as soon as possible. To avoid the glass top breaking remember to set pots and pans on the stove gently. If your stove has an electronic control board, you should avoid letting moisture into it. If you have a fan above your stove you should always turn that on while you are cooking.

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