Tips To Clean Your Fridge The Right Way

A new fridge usually doesn’t need much cleaning or maintenance, however the more you use it, the dirtier it gets. And there is nothing more disgusting than dried or frozen food pieces scattered around in your refrigerator. So here are some fridge cleaning tips that should help you keep your kitchen appliance in clean condition at all times.

Fridges tend to become cluttered after a while since we put in a lot of foods. When you open your fridge, you have this wonderful image in front of your eyes of a beautiful and neatly organized stack of foods in their compartments, just like you see in the latest kitchen magazines. However much to your surprise, you will see food stains all over the place, you will feel the ugly mixed smell of various foods together and you will simply want to close the door and get away from it as fast as you can refrigerator repair los angeles.

One of the first things I recommend is simply throwing away your old and expired food. People tend to forget about their old food and this get spoiled over time. This in turn gives those bad smells which surround all the healthy food items as well. You need to take out everything from the fridge because most of the times the spoilt and rotten food is usually way back in your fridge and you can’t see it easily.

Once you got rid of the old, spoilt food, you’ll also gain another advantage: that of getting a lot of extra free space there, just ready to be filled in with healthy, nice and fresh food.

Don’t forget to actually clean the fridge while everything is taken out from it, so you save yourself some time. Why not kill two birds in one? Simply take a wet cloth and use it to wipe the inside and the outside of your fridge. Take out all the shelves and elements that can be removed and wash them with soap and water. When dry, put back everything in place and now you have once again a clean fridge that is a joy to open and use again on a regular basis.


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